Bottles and containers of all descriptions can be decorated to
your requirements.


Image: Samples of Screen Printing
We are able to handle the process from artwork to final printed container, however we need to evaluate each print job to ensure the right result is achievable with this process. Once the initial screens have been created clients find it easy to arrange a schedule for regular deliveries of a popular design. Artwork can be supplied in various formats however today most comes on disk or J-peg. Apple Mac, Freehand or Illustrator are acceptable programs, and should be supplied with all fonts used, unless converted to paths/curves [text amendments cannot be made to converted text]. Printing does give a professional finish to the product, and we are able to offer this service on relatively small quantities, however this is uneconomical on orders in the hundreds apart from the large rectangular jerricans [U.N. Freestanding Packs].


Image: Samples of Pad Printing

This process is more suited to difficult shapes. Glass perfume bottles, control panels, promotional items trigger heads and closures are some of the items printed by this method.
Companies can have their logo printed on to the top of a cap, and we are able to print two colour logo’s.


Image: Sample of Sleeving

This form of decoration is particularly suited to larger running packs and when many colours are needed in the artwork. Up to five colours can be incorporated in designs.
We normally have the sleeves printed in the largest viable number to get the best costing and apply them to customers needs. Pre-arranged schedules ensure smooth deliveries at peak times.
We offer stretch and shrink sleeve application depending on the container being supplied.

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