Christmas Range

15ml Ref: JY0015GD
30ml Ref: JY0030GD
50ml Ref: JY0050GD
100ml Ref: JY0100GD

6ml Jars With Various Colour Lids

Ref: H9306

Ideal colours for Christmas

Lip Balm Tubes

Ref: M2208

Available in Whte and Natural

15ml Aluminium Lip Balm Tubes

Ref: M2246

Silver Airless Dispensers
frosted Base

15ml Ref: JY852A
30ml Ref: JY852B

50ml Ref: JY852C
100ml Ref: JY852E

Silver Airless Dispensers
Clear Base

15ml Ref: JY856A
30ml Ref: JY856B

50ml Ref: JY856C
100ml Ref: JY856E

500ml Red Bottle With Green Cap

Ref: D6995R/LD
Cap Ref: C1167GRBS

500ml Red Bottle With White Cap

Ref: D6995R/LD
Cap Ref: C1167WBS

Bear Bottle
Clear PET
Shown with silver metalised closure
spice Flapper Cap Available to Suit

Red 5000ml Jerrican

Shown With White Cap

Cap Ref: C38NEPEWH

Clear S.S PET Jars

50ml ref: P07000502CL
100ml Ref: P07001002C
150ml Ref: P07001502CL
200ml Ref: P07002002CL
250ml Ref: P07002502CL
Cap Ref: C1060

Tapered Neck Bottles With Different Colour Caps

Available in White, Natural Green and Silver

Variety of Cap Colours






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