Screw Caps

Standard Screw Caps

20mm Ref: C1080

24mm Ref: C1082

28mm Ref: C1083

CRC Caps

28mm Ref: C1150W

38mm Ref: C1151W

Smooth Caps

Mediloc CRC Caps

Ref: C2988

Aluminium Screw Caps

20mm Ref: C1080A

24mm Ref: C1082A

28mm Ref: C1083A

Black Push Pull Caps

Ref: C28

White Push Pull Caps

Ref: C28

Standard Screw Caps

Ref: C1083

Green Push Pull

Ref: M5921GR

24mm Black Mushroom Cap

Ref: C1097BK

Disc Tops
24mm Wood FInish Disc Tops

24mm White/Silver Disc Top

Ref: C1242AW

24mm Disc Top

Ref: C1043BK

24mm Disc Top


Ref: C1043N

24mm Disc Top

Ref: C1043PK

24mm Disc |Top

Ref: C1043W

24mm Black Disc top

Ref: C1042BKS

20mm 410 Disc Top

Ref: C1031WMD

24mm Silver/Black Disc Top

Ref: C1242SBK


Dispenser Tops

White Dispenser Tops

20mm Ref: C1011

24mm Ref: C1014

28mm Ref: C1015

Black Dispenser Tops

20mm Ref: C1011

24mm REf: C1014

28mm Ref: C1015

Natural Dispenser Top

20mm Ref: C1011

24mm Ref: C1014

28mm Ref: C1015

24mm 410 Smooth Dispenser Top

Ref: C1014WS

24mm Black Dispenser Top


24mm Dispenser Top White


20mm Dispenser Top Smooth Wall


58mm Caps

58mm Gold Smooth Cap

Ref: C0150GD

58mm Silver Smooth Cap


Tall Caps

20mm Smooth Tall White Cap

Ref: C1066W

20mm Ribbed Tall White Cap

Ref: C1066WPP

20mm Tall Radius Cap

Ref: C1099W

24mm Tall Radius Cap

Ref: C1103BK

Variable Angle Caps

24mm Angle Cap

Ref: C1133W

18mm 410 Angle Cap

Ref: C1129W

Nozzles & Spouted Closures

Spouted Closures

Available in White & Natural

Dispenser Nozzles With Overcap

20/24/28mm Sizes Available


Spouted Closure With End Cap
38mm Spouted Nozzle Top
Tap Caps

61mm Tap/Cap


59mm Tap/Cap


Black Tamper Evident Caps

59mm Ref: C2500BK

Black Tamper Evident Cap

61mm Ref: C2600BK

Juice Caps

32mm Caps

Ref: C1167

6ml Coloured Lids for H9306CL Jars

6ml Smooth Cap

Ref: C9306W

6ml Smooth Cap

Ref: C9306BK

6ml Smooth Cap

Ref: C9306BL

6ml Smooth Cap

Ref: C9306R

6ml Smooth Cap

Ref: C9306Y

6ml Smooth Cap

Ref: C9306N

70mm Wadded Caps

70mm White Wadded Screw Cap

Ref: C1060W

70mm Black Wadded Cap

Ref: C1060BK

70mm Wadless Caps

70mm Blue Cap

Ref: C1183BL

70mm Black Cap

Ref: C1183BK

70mm Green Cap

Ref: C1183GR

70mm White Cap

Ref: C1183W


28mm Heavy Duty Spray

Ref: G8000W

28mm Red/White Trigger

Ref: TS81RW256/501

28mm Black Trigger Spray

Ref: TS81EBK256

28mm Blue/White Trigger

Ref: TS82BLW266

Heavy Duty Adjustable Triggers

Vela Triggers

Ref: G9000

24mm Black Mini Triggers

Ref: M6047BK

Adjustable 28mm Triggers

Ref: TS00

24mm Black Mini Trigger

Ref: M6049N

24mm Black Mini Triggers

REF: M6049BK


Lotion Pumps

4ml Dispenser Pump

Ref: DX4

24mm Black Lotion Pumps

Ref: C2225BK

24mm 410 White and Silver Lotion Pump

Ref: C2225WS

28mm Black Lotion Pumps

Ref: C2227BK

24mm Black/Silver Lotion Pumps

Ref: C2225BKS

24mm 410 White Lotion Pump

Ref: C1125W

24mm 410 Natural/Silver Lotion Pump

Ref: C2225NS

28mm Black Trigger

Ref: C1128BK

2ml output


24mm Gold and Natural Lotion Pump

Ref: C2225NMG

24mm White and Silver Lotion Pumps

Ref: C2225WA

Smooth White Lotion Pump

2ml Output

Ref: P2225W

24mm White Lotion Pump

Ref: C2225W



28mm White Lotion Pump

Ref: C2227W

Finger Sprays

20mm Finger Spray


20mm White Finger Spray

Ref: C1118W

24mm Finger Spray

Ref: C1186W

20mm Natural Finger Spray


24mm White Ribbed Finger Spray


24mm Finger Spray

Ref: C1186BK

24mm Natural Finger Spray


24mm Finger Spray

Ref: DX5

Treatment Pumps

24mm 410 White/Silver Treatment Pump

Ref: C1319WS

24mm Natural Treatment Pump

Ref: C1219N

20mm 410 Pump


20mm Pump


20mm 410 Natural Treatment Pump


20mm 415 Black Treatment Pump


24mm 410 Treatment Pump

Ref: C6625S

18mm 415 Silver Treatment Pump

Ref: M2172S

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