Wall Mount Dispensers


Image: Wall Mount Dispenser

Model Sprint x 750ml Wall Dispenser

The Sprint is a wall dispenser, simple to use (just press down) and it distributes in right doses (without wasting): Bath foam, shampoo, cleaning liquids, hair creams, liquid soaps, detergents and many other products.

Easy to Install: clean the surface where it is to be placed, it is fixed with bi-adhesive tape or screws.

Easy to refill: once the movable upper part is lifted, you pour the disired amount of liquid into the lower part, close it and the dispenser is ready to use.

Dimensions: 265mm long, 115mm deep, 78mm wide.
Standard Finish: White
Delivery: 4ml
Operation: Push Down

Image: Elbow Operated Dispenser
Image: Scorpio Elbow Dispenser
Image: Wall Mounted Dispenser

Elbow Operated Dispenser

2, 3 & 4ml

Controlled Application


Easy to Refill

Hand or Elbow Operated

Scorpio Elbow Dispenser

Full 4ml Dose

Robust & Durable

Dismantles for Cleaning

Vertical Discharge


Stainless Steel Elbow Dispenser

For 500ml Rectangular Bottle

Wall Mounted Dispenser

2, 3, 4, 5, & 7.5ml

Robust & Durable

Simple Wall Mount

Integral closure option

Broad Chemical Compatibility

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