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Extendable Trigger Sprays

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Image: Trigger Spray

1/2 Litre & 1 Litre
PB1907 - 1/2 Litre
PB1908 - 1 Litre

Shown with TS800 Spray

Bottles available in Natural & White


Image: Trigger Spray

Ref: G0600
600ml Shaped Trigger Spray Bottle

Fully Adjustable Trigger Spray
Ref: G8000

Solvent Resistant head with Viton Seals
Ref: G9000


Image: Trigger Spray

Shaped Trigger Spray Bottles

B2204 - 150ml Oval HDPE
B2206 - 500ml Oval HDPE
B2207 - 750ml Oval HDPE
R2208 - 1000ml Oval HDPE
X2206CL - 500ml Oval PET


Image: Trigger Spray
Environmentally Friendly Trigger Bottle - 6 Bottles in one
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500ml Oval Trigger Spray Bottles


400mm Black Bottle With Trigger Spray

500ml Bottle With Child Resistant Spray

1000ml Silver Bottle With Trigger Spray

750ml PET Trigger Spray Bottles


The TS800 ® trigger sprayer offers proven reliability, unmatched quality, excellent aesthetics and superior functional features. Twenty-five different spray/stream/foam nozzle configurations are available to suit your particular product requirements, including the specialized mesh foamer. Lock-in settings provide positive switching from one position to the next.

The TS800 ® is available with Standard, Ergo® and Ultra Ergo® shrouds, anti-rotation and non-removable closures, Option X for improved chemical compatibility, in-house shroud labeling, and tamper-evident nozzle. Plus, all polyolefin construction means the TS800 ® is compatible with a broad range of products, including household chemicals, automotive care products, lawn and garden products and pet care formulations.

Image: Trigger Spray

•  The world's most popular trigger sprayer.
•  25 Spray, Stream and Foam nozzle configurations.
•  Non-removable closure available on 28-400.
•  Hot-Stamped Nozzle option.


CLOSURES: 28-400 , 28-410 , 28-414 , 28-400 Non-Removable.
NOZZLES: Spray , Stream , Foam , Fine-Mist.
OUTPUTS: 0.90 ml.
COLOURS: Standard white; Nozzles, triggers and closures are available in stock red, blue, yellow and black.

Colours on 3000 Orders

PS2003 Battery Operated Trigger Spray

Image: Trigger Spray

The PS2003T RTU Power Sprayer is a small cordless tool that runs on four AA batteries. This innovative, easy to use unit replaces traditional trigger sprayers that require manual pumping. Ideal for prolonged spraying applications, PS2003T RTU significantly reduces finger and hand fatigue experienced with mechanical pump sprayers.


CLOSURES: 45 mm.
NOZZLES: Spray , Stream , Foam.
OUTPUTS: 3.0 ml. per second.
COLOURS: Standard white; Custom colors available on request.

Mixor HP Tripper Spray

The distinctive MixorT HP design introduces Calmar's ErgoPlusT technology, which delivers a new standard of consumer convenience. A wide, smooth-pull trigger combines a compact stroke with high product output, while the large nozzle provides intuitive graphics and effortless rotation. The shroud features side ergonomics for unsurpassed comfort.

As with all Calmar triggers, MixorT HP has excellent chemical compatibility, consistent priming, and a low force-to-actuate. MixorT HP fulfills Calmar's mission to enhance the value of your products through innovative design.




Image: Trigger Spray

•  The new standard for high profile / high output trigger sprayers.
•  Leak-proof venting.
•  Angled Dip Tube option
•  Preferred over competitor trigger sprayers in three independent consumer studies


CLOSURES: 28-400 , 28-400 Non-Removable
NOZZLES: Child-Resistant Spray
OUTPUTS: 1.3 ml. , 1.6 ml.
Standard white; Nozzles, triggers and closures are available in stock red, blue, yellow and black.



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