New Products


250ml White PET Bottle

Black Airless Range

Please Contact Sales For More Information

250/500ml Polypropelene Jar

Tamper Evident Seal

Mini Wet Wipe Tubs

Please Contact Sales For More Information

New Metal Airless Container

Please Contact Sales for More Information

5ml Cosmetic Art Bottle

PET Bottle

DIspensing Nozzles


New Range of Foamers

Both 24mm and 28mm Sizes Available

Hose End Sprayer

Chemical on/off switch

Ideal for Horticulture

Food Pump

38mm Screw Cap

New 250ml oval trigger spray bottle
Available soon

750ml trigger spray bottles

Deodorant tube with roll on ball
100 and 150ml
Ideal for sports gel and personnel care products

Wood Finish Disc Top

24/410 Neck Size

250ml Juice Bottle with a 38mm Neck

250ml Bottles Shown with Double Wall Dispensing Closures


20mm 410 Atomiser and treatment pump with matt silver closure, shown with 120ml Ref: B1843W,
50ml Ref: B1839W

400cc Spice Jar Bottle

Ref: PPC452CL

Metalised Gold & Silver Caps

Ref: C0150

Shown With 50mm D/W Jar

5,10 & 20ml Double Wall Jars

5ml Ref: H2005
10ml Ref: H2010
20ml Ref: H2020

5000ml UN Jerrican 38mm

Ref: B2155N

50ml Ref: B1950W

100ml Ref: B1952W

24mm 410 Atomiser with Locking Head
No Overcap Required
Ref S1286N
150ml PET Cylinder Ref: X115

Bottles with Brush Caps

New Range of Bottles With brushes to Match

Silver Powder Sprayers

Contact Sales for More Information

200cc Powder Sprayers

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Pocket Sprayers

30cc Capacity

Rectangular with Rigid Wall

24mm Treatment Pump Shown With Transit Clip
Ref: C6215SW

10ml Roll on Bottle
Ref: R0110CL

Shown with C0110S

Milk Bottle Range

500/1000/2000ml Now Available

A Shive With Tab is Now Available.

Silver Metalised Closure With EPE Liner

15ml Ref: JY0015GD
30ml Ref: JY0030GD
50ml Ref: JY0050GD
100ml Ref: JY0100GD


250ml Fob Watch Bottle

Shown with Gold Sleeved Lotion Pump


Shaped Jars

Heart Ref: J9400
Flower Ref: J9401
Square Jar: J9402


Measures With Long Handles
20ml Ref: KOD15
50ml Ref: KOD307
20ml Short Handle: KOD290
Large Scoop: KOD201

1800ml Spice Jar

Ref: P06318002U

Bottle Ref: D6860W
Foamer Ref: C7140W


Aluminium Screw Top Jars

15ml - 100ml Sizes Available

25ml Oval Postal Pack

Ref: D5217

Many Accessories Available

Postal Pack

PET Cylinder

With Plain Cap or Brush Cap

Ref: B9030

30ml Low Density Sueezy Bottle For Fine Work

Tapered Jar With Sponge Insert

New Jar Range

Sponge insert with CRC Cap

500ml Hook Bottle

Ref: B1900N

Postal Pack

Ref: D1802
Available With One Hole Plug, Screw Cap and Dropper Plug and Cap

Postal Pack

Ref: D5906

Many Accessories Available

Heavy Walled Acrylic Jars

Now Available With a Silver Banded Lid

Nail Art Tube

Comes With Fine Work Steel Tube

Also With a Fine Brush

PET Poddle

Handy Spray Pack With Clear Overcap

30ml & 50ml

Foam Pad Bottles

15ml Ref: D5901N
30ml Ref: D9030N
50ml Ref: D9050N

10 & 50ml Roll on Bottles

10ml Ref: R0110
50ml Ref: B1855

50ml Oval Black LDPE 14mm 410

Ref: D1807BK

60ml HDPE Cylinder in White or Natural

Different Treatment Pumps Available

250ml Oval Clear PET

24mm 410

Ref: X9525CL

300ml Tottle Natural HDPE

Ref: B1789N

5 Litre Laminted Pouch

For Liquids With Graduations


PET Bostons to Suit Jars With a Gold Lid

Various Sizes Available

250ml Waist Bottle

Robost HDPE Grip Bottle

Trigger Sprays & Other Accessories Available

100ml Syringe with Leur Fitting

Ref: SPO06


Ref : B2033W

1000ml White UN Cylindrical Bottle

Dosing Triggers

Suitable for Veterinary Use

Ref: G7600W


Please Contact Sales For More Information


Sponge Applicator Packs

Contact Sales For More Information


Gold Sleeved Treatment Pump

Ref: D7300CL

300ml PET Clear

Label recess 70mm 400

Perfume Spray Packs
3ml and 5ml Sizes Available

1000ml Tall PET Boston Round Bottles

Ref: D2009


175ml HDPE Oval Bottle For Fuel Additive
Chamber 50ml Graduated

Side 100-150ml Graduated

2000ml/4000ml Jugs Now Available
Tamper Evident Closure

Cylinders With Red Tip

Contact Sales For More Information


5ml and 10ml Dropper Bottles With T/E Caps

10 & 30ml Dropper Bottles with CRC Closures

Low Density Polyethylene

250ml Handwash Shown with a P2000 pump
240ml Ref: Z2420CL
250ml Ref: X9525CL

1 Litre Banjo Trigger

Ref: R2009W


30ml Frosted Tapered Glass Oval

Ref: X6530

Pump to Suit Ref: C6530S

Limited Stock Available

Lip Balm Tube Ref: M2208

Deodrant Stick Ref: R6031

Twist Top Containers

Sauce Bottles

Ideal For Relish

Comes With a Variety of Different Colour Caps

Heavy Duty Mats For Factory Use

Slots Together For Easy Fitting

Ideal For Machine Room


Cylindrical Snap On Neck Clear PET Bottles
50ml - L1050CL
75ml - L1075CL
100ml - L1100CL

Snap on Spray to Suit - C9055

Business Card
Box Ref: A8001

A4 Size Box: A8004

A5 Box: A8005

A6 Box: A8006

125ml, 250ml and 500ml Avaiable

Available With Spouted Cap, Twist Tops and Finger Sprays

50ml Slimline Heavy Wall Jar With Aluminium Lid

Gold, Green, Silver and Natural lids also Available

Talc Containers

75gm Ref: T7075
100gm Ref: T7100
500gm Ref: WH500/T

Silver Airless Dispensers

Airless Heavy Wall With Silver Metalised Parts

Upside Down Spray
28mm 410 Trigger Spray With Upside Down Operation

Ideal for Cosmetic Products


White Fruit Juice Bottles

Sizes 250, 500 & 1000ml Available


Black PET Bostons & Cylinders

Ref: Z2530BK

Ref: X7060BK

Ref: X7125BK

Ref: X7250BK


100ml Tottle in Natural HDPE

Ref: B1785N

Ref: P5150

Two Sizes of Postal Pack

Ideal For tablets

Push on Cap With Induction Seal Liner

Ref: M6180

50ml Square Bottle with 18mm Neck

Bottles Made From 100% Recycled Material

500ml Trigger Ref: X2226CL

500ml Detergent Ref: X2034CL

Ref: bos-2.bos-bat

Battery Powered Triggers

Contact Sales For More Information

5 Litre Bottles and Caps

500/1000ml With Standard or Tamper Evident Neck.

5 Litre Red Bottle with Tamper Evident Neck

Ref: X1839CL

50ml Cylindrical St Gobain Glass Bottle With Natural Sonnet or Silver Metalised Lotion Pump

20ml Gold Airless Dispenser

Please Contact Sales For More Information

20ml Gold Perfume Sprayer

Please Contact Sales For More information

Storage Boxes

500ml Ref: S1314
14 ltr Ref: S1317N
32 Ltr Ref: S1318
52 Ltr Ref: S1319N

150ml Tottle

Low Density Squeezable Tottle With 18/415 neck

Ref: D9100N

Ref: A1333N

Please Contact Sales For More Information

New Polypropelene Jars in A Gold Metalised Case

15/30/50ml Sizes Available

Foamer Packs

Wide Range of Foamer Bottles Now available With our Standard Dispensers

24mm Ref: C7115
28mm 410 Ref:C7107

Lip Stick Containers

Please Contact Sales For More Information

Liquid Laundry Bottles

3 Different Styles Available

Shot Bottle With a Blue Tamper Evident Cap

Contact Sales for More information

Wet Wipe Containers

Ref: N1153W

Cap Ref:P1155W

400ml Bostons

PET Bottle: Z2529CL
White Bottle: Z2529W
Metal Cap Ref:C1042AW
Lotion Pump Ref: P2225W

Fuel Additive Bottles

Contact Sales For More Information

Aluminium Bottles

50ml Ref: A505A
125ml Ref: A5125A
250ml Ref:A5250A

Mixor Sprays

28mm 410 All White Trigger Sprays

Ref: M64W271

Extendable Trigger Sprays

Contact Sales For More Information

Pocket Fine Mist Spray Pack

8ml Spray Pen With Pocket Clip

5ml Capacity Glass + Polyethylene Stopper

Ref: R8005CL

White PET Bottles

250ml Ref: PPC832W
500ml Ref: PPC1833W

High Gloss - Ideal for Printing

Lotion Pump

2ml Pump With 28mm 410 Neck

Ref: C2895W

Square Buckets

Sizes 5,12,17 & 20 Litre Sizes Available

Contact Sales for More Information

Wet Wipe Containers

3 Litre & 5 Litre Sizes Available

Contact Sales for More Information

Measuring Cup on Tamper Evident Cap

250ml Available in Round/Rectangular

300ml Avaiable in Round

Heavy Wall Jar

Sizes Available 3ml to 100ml

Gold Square Airless Dispensers

30ml Ref: K7030GD

50ml Ref: K7050GD

Metalised Spray Packs

A 30gm Glass Bottle in an Oval Glass Metalised Case With Metalised Spray Finger Head


Ref: B1839WH/D

Pump: C1215W

Square Pet Bottles

200ml Ref:M6183CL

250ml Ref: M6184CL

500ml Round Bottle With Aluminium Cap

Ref: P04305005CL

Cap Ref: C1054A

200gm White Polypropelene Jar & Lid

Low Density Polyethelene Shive

Please Contact Sales For More Info

38mm Colour Coded Pumps

Available in Red, Green or Yellow

Flat at End to Prevent Drying

Clear PET Jar

With Silver or Gold Banding


Mini Trigger

The Design and Function of the Mini Trigger has Evolved

24/410 Neck Size

Square Jars With Silver Band

High Quality Jar With Shive, Lid & Silver Band

Sizes 30 + 50ml Available

White Double Wall Jars

Sizes 150 + 250ml Sizes Available

Double Compartment Jar

Two Compartment Jar With Hinged Lid

Natural Polypropelene

15ml in Each Compartment

Body Scrubbing Sponge

Ref: JL004Y
Yellow With Ivory Rope

Ref: JL003W
White With Ivory Rope

500ml/1000ml Swirl Bottles

Now Available in Tamper Evident

Diva with Blue Cobalt Bottle

DIVA 24/410 Silver or Gold Finish All Metal Look. Built for High Visocosity Formulas with Smooth actuation. (Shown on a Blue Cobalt Bottle)


Kilner Jars

Kilner Jars
Now From Stock
Sizes Available 150ml,200ml,350ml,


1 Litre Handled Bottle Oval Shape With Jigger Measure Cap

Aria Lotion 18mm 400, Now From Stock, Shown With 10ml Therapy Bottle Clear & 50ml Therapy in Green

Ref: C1200

30ml Oval Spray Bottle (Glass) in a Blue Metalised Case
Treatment Pump

24mm 410 Treatment Pump NAT With Metal Overshell


30ml Rectangular Spray Bottle in a Gold Metalised Case

30ml White Tottle

Ref: D9091W

20mm neck


Coloured Lids for 6ml Jar Range

ref: H9306

Contact Sales For More Info

Lip Gloss Containers


Hose End Sprayer

Hose End Sprayer

28mm Bottle Neck
Includes Spray Stream or Fan Pattern
Product Application or Rinse Only Settings
Powerful Jet For Distant Locations

30ml PET Oval

30ML PET Oval With Overcap And Finger Spray

Environmentally Friendly Trigger Bottles

Environmentally Friendly Trigger Bottle - 6 Bottles in one
(Enquire With Sales for Details)



500ml Wide Neck

500ml Wide Neck Cylinder 38mm 410 Shown With Brush and Cap Combo

Bottle Ref:D3862N


Vial Caps

20ml Polypropylene Vial
Caps available in White, Black, Blue and Peach

For More Info please contact Sales


Mini Pumps

Mini Pump - Accessories are a Silver or Gold Collar
Available in White or Natural HDPE

For More info Please Contact Sales


100ml Containers

100ml Urine Container/Measure Nat PP 20ml Increments
Lid Optional

Product Ref:A45120N

Lip Balm Containters
Containers For Lip Balm Screw up Lip Balm Dispenser - M2208W Available January 2008 Shown with 6ml jar (REF:H9306) and 10ml jars (REF:H8752)

Wide Neck Jars

1ltr & 500ml Wide Neck PET Jars, With Shive & Ribbed or Smooth Lids

Product Ref:A1010CL & A1500CL

500ml Clear PET Bell

500ml Clear PET Bell 28mm 410, Shown With Natural "lock up" Pump

Product Ref: PPC1847

250ml Tall Bullet Natural HD 24mm 410, Shown With White Smooth Walled Disc Top C1042WS

Product Ref: Z2524N

28MM T/E"Berg" Closure For Aerosol Cans

Product Ref: C6550R

(Please Contact Sales For More Information)


340ml Clear PET Jar 83mm 400, Shown With Green Wadded Cap

Product Ref: M0340CL



24mm 415 Heavy Walled Metalised Cap, Shown With 250ml PET Oval

Product Ref: C2428S

10ml Roll on Bottle

Ref: R010CL

(For More Information Please Contact Sales )

70mm Domed Natural Cap, Shown With 150ml Clear PET Jar

Product Ref:P07001502CL
Ref: C1113NW

Metal Shell Disc Tops
Available in Matt & Shiny
To fit neck sizes 24/410, 24/425 & 28/410
Double Compartment Pack

10cc per Compartment

Product Ref: JA133

For more Information Please Contact Sales

10cc Per Compartment
Dimensions (mm) Dia: 90, H: 21
Compartments Labelled A to G
(also in Braille)

Product Ref: JA136

5cc per Compartment
Dimensions (mm)
L: 70, W: 43, D:15

Product Ref: JA134


10cc per Compartment
(mm) L: 160,
W: 35, D: 25

Product Ref: JA135


Aluminum Lids

Metal Lids
Product Ref:
20mm 400 - C1047A
24MM 410 -C1082A
70MM 400 - C1060A - EPE LINED

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