Containers & Accessories For Fishing Bait

100ml Polytubes

Ref: D9100

Available With Shaped or Flat End

Pointed Plug & Cap, Tapered Spout & Overcap

Tapered Necks

Tapered Neck Bottles

250ml Ref: B1694
500ml Ref: PB1907
1000ml Ref: PB1908

Ideal For Oils & Syrups
Various Caps Available

Empire Bottles

Empire Bottles

250ml Ref: M3101

Cap Ref: C8094

Straight Sided PET Jars

Straight Sided PET Jars

50ml Ref: P0050CL
100ml Ref: P07001002C
150ml Ref:P07001502CL
200ml Ref: P07002002CL
250ml Ref: P07002502CL

Comes With a Variety of Different Caps

Additive Bottles

Additive Bottles

150ml Ref: V3861W

250ml Ref: V3862W

Pots With Push on Lids

3.5ml Ref:X3500
20ml Ref: B1859
45ml Ref:ST45
75ml Ref:ST75
100ml Ref: R4958
150ml Ref: R4998
15ml Ref:M1124
20ml Ref:P8002
100ml Ref: M10043

Wide Neck HDPE Bottles

250ml Ref: T9025
500ml Ref: T9050
1000ml Ref: T9100

Storage Tubs

Storage Tubs

1000ml Ref: S1000
1500ml Ref: S1500
2000ml Ref: S2000



500ml Ref: G1664
1000ml Ref: G1665
2000ml Ref: G1666
2500ml Ref: G1662
4000ml Ref: B2040
5000ml Ref: B2050

Wide Neck Range

Sizes Between 20ml & 2000ml Available

Please Contact Sales for More Info

Glue Pens

Glue Pens

15ml Ref: D5901
30ml Ref: D9030
50ml Ref: D9050

Wide Neck jars With See-through Lids

150ml Polypropelene (White)

250ml Polypropelene (Natural)

300ml Polypropelene (Clear)

150ml Ref: X0150
180ml Ref: X0180
250ml Ref: X0250
300ml Ref: X0300
500ml Ref:X0500
1000ml Ref: X1001
1500ml Ref: PL1500
2500ml Ref: PL2500
3500ml Ref: PLX3500
5000ml Ref: X5000

Square Buckets

5, 12, 17 & 20 Litre Sizes Available

Contact Sales for More Info

UN Buckets

Black or Blue

Available in 25 Litre Sizes

For More Info please Contact Sales

Improved Bucket Range

Stronger Handle

2.5 Litre Ref: PL2500
5 Litre Ref: PL5000
10 Litre Ref: PL1010

10 Litre Ref: X0101
12 Litre Ref: X1200
16 Litre Ref: X1600
20 Litre Ref: X2101
25 Litre Ref: X2102

Buckets are Available With Push on Lids

Tamper Evident Lids are also Available

Round Dropper Bottles

5ml Ref: B1868
10ml Ref: B1862
15ml Ref: B1865

Graduated Measuring Jugs

Various Sizes Available

Screw Tops Jars

25ml Ref: R3010
50ml Ref: R3011
100ml Ref: PPC636
225ml Ref: PPC637
250ml Ref: PPC640
300ml Ref: PPC571
320ml Ref: PPC573
500ml Ref: PPC642

PET Bottles

10ml Ref: P01800102
15ml Ref: P01800152
20ml Ref:P01800202
25ml Ref: P01800252
30ml Ref: P08100302
50ml Ref: P01800502
100ml Ref: P01801002


Various Trigger Sprays Available
Comes in a variety of Different Colours

Ref: TS800

Various Finger Sprays Available

Please Contact Sales For More Info





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