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Mark II Fine Mist Spray

The Mark II stands out for its presence in the perfumed alcohol-based products, deodorants, sun care, hair care, and facial treatment markets. It is best known for its outstanding performance with liquid applications for cosmetic and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products.

The classic pump by definition with millions of units in the marketplace, the Mark II continues to be the market reference for adaptability and reliability. Its optimal quality-price relationship and wide range of closures and heads make the MKII the pump of choice for many sectors. Upside-down and reinforced (spring and ball) versions are also available for unique applications and especially aggressive formulations.

Plastic and metal can be customised to your colour needs. Available with a wide range of applicators, inserts, gaskets and dip tubes.


Image: Mark II Finger Spray
•  Available in a large array of Closure sizes, including ferrule systmes.
•  Good selection of optional dispensing heads and adaptors


CLOSURES: 18mm , 20mm , GL18 , GL18 Short , GL20 , EUR6 , BV111/18 , 23x3 , GPI 18-410 , GPI 22-415 , GPI 24-410 , 18x415 , 20x400 , Snap GS20 , Snap GS30 , Snap 1"
HEADS: 15mm , 16mm

OUTPUTS: 0.10 ml. , 0.13 ml. , 0.15 ml. , 0.20 ml.
COLOURS: Standard White and black, other colours available.

Image: Finger Sprays

Mark VI Spray

With the ergonomic Mark VI fine mist sprayer, high quality doesn't have to come at a high price. Superior spray mechanics and an aesthetically pleasing design make the cost-effective Mark VI stand out as the premier choice in fine mist sprayers. You can take your package design further with "Smooth Wall" Closures available for the Mark VI in 20-410 and 24-410 closure sizes.

Image: Mark VI Spray

•  Highly Cost-effective fine mist sprayer.
•  Easy Actuation head.
•  Built for 55% voc formulations.
•  Smooth Wall Closure Finishes available.
•  Spray Extender directed spray option.
•  Available in a wide array of spray options.
•  Custom Metal Overshell available.


CLOSURES: 18-415, 20-410, 22-415, 24-410.
HEADS: Standard, Spray Extender.
OUTPUTS: 0.14ml, 0.16ml.
COLOURS: Standard White other colours available on request.


AccuPump is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

The new design and venting system on the AccuPump gives our customers a pharmaceutical pump that quickly primes and delivers an extremely accurate and consistent dose.

Image: AccuPump

•  Provides tight control of output, spray pattern, and particle size.
•  Manufactured in a Class 10,000 clean room.
•  Has a Drug Master File (DMF).
•  Designed specifically to perform and meet U.S. FDA Guidelines for nasal pump delivery.
•  Shipping Clip available.


CLOSURES: Crimp FEA20 , Crimp FEA18 , GPI 18-415 , GL18 Short , Snap On FEA20 , GL20.
OUTPUTS: 0.05 ml. , 0.09 ml. , 0.10 ml. , 0.13 ml. , 0.158 ml.
COLOURS: Standard White other colours available on request
ADAPTERS: 2-Piece Nasal , 3-Piece Nasal , Standard Spray Head , Short Throat , Medium Throat , Articulated Long Throat , Long Throat , Dispensing Head , Head with Capillary Tube

Sprayette IV

Image: Sprayette IV

•  The number one leading spray in its class.
•  8 standard orifice cups or customisation available.
•  Fluid path designed to eliminate contact to metal.


CLOSURES: 24-410
OUTPUTS: 0.75ml
COLOURS: Standard White other colours available on request.

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